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23 Jul




23 Jul

Hello my fellow bloggers and friends, it has been a while since my last post and I sure do miss our world…I have been looking at your summer photos and videos and I must say…Great places to visit it seems like everyone is having tons of fun and having  a great time with their loved ones. Thank you for sharing!

“Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing” like the song by Jessie J…(great artist)

The more we see the deceitfulness that surrounds us, the more I try to make sense of what happened to the people in Aurora, Colorado. That night was a tragedy and my heart goes out to the families of the victims who’s lives were taken by this savage man. It goes to show you how we are always ready for everything  just never expecting the unexpected.  Was that really necessary? Everyone is hurting due t0 this incident.

Am I confused? Yes. What makes a person tick to commit to such horror?  These people anticipated to see a movie with their loved ones and friends, and never in a million years did any of them see this coming. The children, needless to say, had their lives taken too soon, never knowing what tomorrow would be like for them.

Let’s talk about some sort of heavy justice for people who carry weapons and use them for all the wrong reasons.

Boyfriends in that theater jumping in front of those bullets to protect their girlfriends, sacrificing their own lives, now gone, but never forgotten.  A young child whose life was taken because she was hit by a flying  bullet with no warning, no where to run. As for her mother, still trying to recover from the massive bullet wound to her neck, she will go home without her child. A man of uniform who took a day to see a movie with friends, and a fellow writer… amongst  many more. This is the story that hit the world this weekend and terrified many parents and families. As well as my own.

As a mother, and an Advocate for domestic violence and child abuse, I humbly express my deepest sorrow to the families and friends of the one’s who’s lives were lost this weekend. Words cannot express this confusing tragedy that has left the entire world bruised and in pain…I am also crying out loud…this will not stop me from spreading my word for tighter laws against the use of fire arms…as well as fighting harder against abuse…

How many more innocent people’s lives have to be taken for these laws to be enforced?

Please feel free to leave any comments you may have on this article. We can discuss it further more.

God Bless all of you and your families, and take care.

~Jeannette Moreno~