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HOT: Was this Mark Zuckerberg’s first website?

5 Apr

I believe it was called Facemash..??? Not quite sure…the first website that is…~JM~

SoshiTech -


(CNN) — A blinking dinosaur eye. A nod to Eminem. A crude effort at connecting friends and “friends of friends.” Were these the awkward first steps toward a multibillion-dollar social media empire?

Some online sleuths think so, saying that a newly unearthed Angelfire page from 1999 appears to be the first website ever created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“Hi, my name is…Slim Shady,” the site’s creator wrote on its “About Me” page, referencing an Eminem song released that same year. “No, really, my name is Slim Shady. Just kidding, my name is Mark.”

Mark describes himself as 15 years old, having just completed his freshman year of high school in “a small town near the massive city of New York.”

All those details match up with Facebook’s billionaire CEO, as does the source code on the site’s main page that lists “Mark Zuckerberg” as its creator.

The quaintly outdated…

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