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“In Love Again”

19 Jan

“In Love Again”.


“Life as we know it”

31 Oct

“Life as we know it”.

“Life as we know it”

31 Oct

Good Afternoon my friends!

I have been reading all sorts of Posts, Blogs, reading all kinds of publicize articles by many different writers and found some things that were interesting  as well as a few disturbing ones…for example and to begin…this morning…lol…my fellow writers/Authors…if you are going to publish the news…make sure that you be very careful about the WARNING!!!signs you send out…and read your work at least 3 times before you post it…I reside it in my head when I write it to make sure I don’t make a mistake or sound stupid, I mean it makes total sense to me…don’t you think…

I will like to start by saying…I have a lot of respect for all my fellow writers, including the ones with the passion for writing the truth about life.

Now moving along…I will like to discuss a subject regarding the Hufftington Post.  A certain someone, send out a message this morning which shocked a few people including me and had a some of us shaking our heads…I must say…based on majority of the answers from the people who responded to the said post, I have not seen as many people coming together in one place, like I did this morning…The “ignorance” (and I apologize but I have to say it was) on that said post, had a reaction that impacted a lot of people…including me…and people united with their comments, even though the attack of some of the commentators were sort of ugly towards the writer…now that was to be expected when you write something so idiotic without choosing your words…also based on the fact that racism was used…now that’s a huge “You don’t go there”… if you looked at the picture closely the character did not look black, I must agree she looked orange, sort of like an um-pa lumpa from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory”…lol, (please take no offense)…and as many people mention this is Halloween and dressing up is a fun thing for many people. I remember when I used to dress-up like wonder-woman as a child and I hardly was able to breath underneath those plastic mask, damn nose wholes were so small…I remember running into the walls could not even see my way around…My cousin pulled the mask away from my face at one point and the rubber band holding the mask together smacked my face so hard I had a nose bleed…those days were fun… I am sure no harm was intended…then again…That was “Life as we know it” once we collected our candy…the mask was off… I went out and played with my lemon twist…times have changed…does anyone remember the click clacks clackers? those were the best in the 70’s they hurt like hell, but were fun to play with. any ways moving along.

Life as we know it has changed a lot…everything is different these days…We strive to survive in a world that only concentrates on changing everything we once believed in, so many rules have been put out there…yet crime still exist and it continues to grow everyday…as the years pass, we hope to see changes in society, instead what we get is more difficulty in the way we live.  Our people are struggling to stay alive, to put food on the table, some can’t even afford to pay the bills…How many people anticipate every year to get their income tax checks just to go on a vacation with their families…I bet there’s a few out there…how many hope they can go on vacation but just cant or haven’t had the opportunity for a while because they are still managing to live on a paycheck to paycheck?

The prices and cost of living have become more extreme, making it more difficult for people to survive. Jobs are hard to find, yes there are job fairs and opportunities open for many who may qualify, but what about those whose applications never get a call back? this is one of the reasons why some people are forced to apply for government funds because they have no way to support their families…what would happened to them if they lost their benefits and can’t feed their children? would they get a job then? can they be promised that?

Our politicians worry about being elected…we as the people know we have the right to a “VOTE” what some of the people don’t know is that we have the “POWER” they need…without us there is no power because there is no vote, no vote means no election, no elections means no congress, no congress means no government…YES, I went there…Why? because “Life as we know it” is changing, due to politics.

We need politics to keep things in place…but what we don’t need is chaos…we have enough to deal with in our lives to continue turning the channels because the News are too chaotic to watch these days, I rather watch movies without commercials or just turn the TV set off rather than to hear the News, there is too much drama going on…too much more than before, then they say (its going down…look at the numbers, the rates this year are lower than the last) on what? crime? poverty?homelessness?child abuse? domestic violence? gun violence? Hit and runs? animal abuse? kidnapping? budget cuts? rape? so much more… What Congress needs to know is that the people is honest enough to stand on line on election day and regardless of who they trust to place their Vote for, they do it because they Believe in their word…We Vote because we Believe that you can make it happen if we have you elected and place you in that beautiful white house…We trust you…Weather you win or loose, whose ever team you’re in we still sit there waiting and anticipating to see who gets elected, and hope that we see good changes for the benefit of all human kind…

Today I saw people come together and I don’t know if they even noticed, I didn’t have a chance to read more of their comments but read at least 235 of them around 7:05 am all in regards of a comment made by a writer, if a few people came together like this for one comment made…can you only imagine what an entire Nation do if we put our heads together and made changes in this world we all share and love.  We can make wonderful things happen…

Just saying…

Well everyone this is all I have to say for now…You are all welcome to leave a comment…I hope I didn’t offend anyone, I only write what I feel, and this is who I am…

For those who know me…this is “Life as we know it” we can only hope to change what we can with ourselves, and remember we can take a horse to the river but we cannot make him drink…and like I posted for my kids earlier…. when they grow up and have their own house, I can’t wait to go and visit so I can break their stuff, eat all their food, make a big mess, watch their cable and then say It’s boring here I’m going home…and that my friends is life as we know it…

Jeannette Moreno

“I am Free”

7 Oct

“I am Free”.

“I am Free”

6 Oct


Hello Everyone,  How are you today? I woke up at 7:13 am and here in South Florida was partly cloudy…The birds were chirping away, I could hear the Blue-jays as a matter of fact here is a picture of one landing on the fence…WP_20131006_007hope you can see it…the mockingbirds were also singing their song along with the pigeons…from a far distance I could hear the sounds of a woodpecker creating his home & maybe if we are lucky the sun will start to shine by the looks of it so far it seams that way…

Everyone in my neighborhood was still asleep it was very quiet…it sure is amazing to hear and admire nature at its best in the morning…I love it!!

Moving along…

I wanted to discuss a few things here with you today..mainly because this is the domestic violence awareness month & I feel its time I open up a little bit more…I want to share some of my personal experiences, because I feel other people can benefit from it. We live in a world that is full of anguish,sadness,poverty,depression…some cases are worst than others…I sat around my home for a while fighting against most of these cases, looking for ways to bring violence to an end…and battling things on my own which I have learned to call “demons”, these things have hunt me for years.

Unlike other people, I am just a regular person who’s hopes and dreams have been demolished and stumbled…but I refuse to stay down…I keep on fighting because I believe that as long as I have a great amount of courage I can accomplish anything that is possible…but again, I am human…I have a past.

I read and admire the work of many of my followers, I must say I follow a whole lot of you here on this website among others, I have to admit you guys are amazing…please keep them coming. I wanted to make a special blog then I thought to myself…Why should I? no one ever reads anything I post…then I said to myself do it anyway…this is what you love and this is your passion don’t let anything stop you…you are a different person now, its time to share this with the world.

The next question was…how do I get the attention of the right audience? I said to myself…just go with the flow and the let your fingers guide your brain to speak to them, if they read they read and if they don’t at least you tried…

I’m going to tell you a little bit about what I’ve been up to for the past year and what I’ve found out…Are you ready?

Most of you know me as Jeannette Moreno, I am a Mother first,a friend to many,an Author and an advocate who fights to protect the human rights and wont rest until domestic violence and child abuse can come to an end…or at least stronger laws are acquired. I support several causes 2 of which are my own and I am not afraid to speak my mind nor stand up for what I believe in…I also dedicated my spare time to help the community I live in, get my hands dirty helping out with several projects, stand out in the burning sun collecting signatures in front of the court house for the democratic party during election year…for which I was never acknowledged…all for the cause to see a better America, more jobs,better education for our children, better healthcare, increase the minimum wage, reduce gun violence, stronger laws against bullying and much more…I fought the fight…I stepped in and took the pledge…Yet I was never acknowledged…

Last year alone, I as a humanitarian took the chance and did the unthinkable, I sheltered a family of 5 for nearly 6 months…coasting me almost everything I owned and a few thousand dollars in damages after they were gone…not to mention the stress they left behind, the soar heart and so much more…to tell you a bit more, they even tried to ruin me by making me out to be a monster to people who don’t even know me from a whole in the wall, lies they only believe themselves and needless to say I feel for those who believe them for they have no clue what they in for…I really hope that they change their ways and grow a little for the sake of their children…because if they don’t, its going to be a lonely sad road for them…that my friends was an eye opener for me.

From that experience I learned that no matter how much you try to make a change in the world, you cant unless the person wants to change and better him/herself.

I decided to change my way of thinking, how I looked at life and see it in a different view…I decided that for once in my life I was going to listen to someone else voice instead of my inner voice and allow them to help me see what I couldn’t see…(I was allowing myself to be used and abused, manipulated and disrespected by others without even knowing.) The ones who stood by me showed me that I was no longer a victim of my past, that I needed to let myself go and focus on what matter…ME.

I realized that even after all the years I was free from my batterer, the abuse didn’t stop there. I was being abused by the negative people around me, and allowing them to keep me in the cycle of abuse without even noticing the signs…I became completely aware of what was happening when the new person in my life, my boyfriend, told me he was going to walk away and never come back if I continued allowing people to use me and take advantage of me and my children…he told me that I needed to remember that a woman should always be mother first before she can be anything else…to open my eyes and see what’s happening right in front of me which was unhealthy for all of us including my son…he said I was no longer a victim and I needed to listen to the ones who love me and care for me because they have been there holding my grown…he said I was dragging all of them down with me, and it needed to stop.

I asked him what he suggested I should do? He said…Stop worrying about everyone else around you, because you have enough in your plate already as it is…start surrounding yourself with positive people and start taking the bull by the horns, I will be right here at your corner supporting you…take a stand for yourself for once in your life and stop thinking with your heart and start using your head just be positive and you’ll see how everything will fall into place.

I took those words in and for days I resided them in my head…my best friend used the same exact words, she said: you need  to value yourself and remember that today is just the beginning, tomorrow is already gone…I tell you this things because I truly love you, not because I want to make you cry or hurt you but because I care, its time you let go of your past and move forward…you are no longer a victim and have not been for the past 10 years.

After that, I changed my life around completely…1 year before that I was always depressed and sick…I weight 249 pounds, suffered 2 heart attacks, was suffering from PTSD and severe depression moods…I was constantly in and out of doctors office and hospitals…I’m a diabetic my sugar was always out of control, not to mention my cholesterol level…I decided to listen and began to push aside all the negative people in my life aside as well as all the negative attitude I was holding inside me for years, began to stand up tall and use my head not thinking with my heart to avoid feeling sorry for the negative beings who I was being surrounded by…I became motivated, stronger each day and fought against those who wanted to bring me harm…I prayed everyday and began surrounding myself with positive people who wanted only best for me…the changes in my life were great changes and I am happy to say they get better…I am healthier and happier than ever, I am no longer a victimized by anyone, I found the way out of the cycle after 10 years of being in it…I have improved my life by 95% my heart is strong, I am now weighing 165 pounds and I am stress free…I no longer carry weight on my shoulders or drag anyone down.

My message is this…

if you have someone in your life who is positive enough to care about you, just listen…it doesn’t matter what the problem you’re facing is…we all have issues that need to be resolved and some are worse than others, remember the cycle is not meant to stay in it…get out…you can do it…think positive and let go…there’s an opening waiting for you to say…I’m done with all this I’m moving forward and it’s starts today…you can do it…I know you can…there are so many people out there experiencing all sorts of different issues, I’m sure you want to make a change, its time to start doing it now, you can mend your broken heart, you can heal your wounds, stay strong thing positive and reach out, don’t be afraid to take that step…take the chance to make it better…Life is beautiful enjoy it, live it to the fullest and smile again.

I am Jeannette Moreno, I survived domestic violence, I left my batterer on July, 23, 2003…. and today, I am FREE!!!


Another Year

3 Oct

Another Year.

“Learning to lo…

23 Feb

“Learning to lo….