Another Year

3 Oct

Hello Everyone!

I really hope that you are all doing well, me…oh well still here listening, reading trying to make sense to all the nonsense if you get what I mean…one thing I have to say to you all…”Stay Positive”…moving along…

As you all know October is the domestic violence awareness month. I’ts another year to remember the family members and friends whose lives were lost, my respects and condolences to you all…The stories we hear everyday are frightening ones, mostly about domestic violence,child abuse,bullying,gun violence,etc…these stories are heartbreaking and aggravating to all of us…I have walked on the road of domestic abuse as well as the path of being bullied…I know what is like to be battered,controlled,bullied and humiliated…I will NOT stop fighting to spread the word against domestic violence and child abuse until I can manage to EndTheViolence.

There’s something that has been bothering me until today…do you want to know what it is? It seems to me that no matter how many lives are lost, the violence don’t seam to stop…Is it because someone out there in our congress don’t want to fully listen to the voices of the people advocating truthfully for the victims of domestic violence?…instead, everyone’s worrying about the billions of dollars being spend on budgets each day…or maybe they are too busy worrying about how are they going to make their organizations grow…perhaps open up another BANK at a corner just because it’s going to benefit the community or someones pocket…definitely not mine or the domestic violence unit…which they are actually cutting them off…(because they can’t afford them)…meanwhile, some dude can have enough dough to build a new bank instead of a shelter…nice one…(instead of saying…let’s build a beautiful DV shelter for the mom’s and their children where they can be safe from harm until we can find them affordable housing or let’s make a shelter for the homeless or build a home for our veterans). lets face it…Live’s are still being lost, children are still dying, WAKE UP!!!….

Let’s not forget child abuse.

Too many children are being abused and turning up dead each year…Do you take the time to listen to their cry?…children are being neglected and their needs are not being met because someone out there in our congressional tea party don’t have the time to listen to the voices of the people who advocate for the children…a child is too precious to be ignore and yet someone has no time to concentrate on helping to save their lives…yet, they are acting like children out there…thinking this is a game they are playing…PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!! you are messing with your citizens…Tax payers and their children.

Let’s not forget Bullying…

Again that’s another thing I have been working on and fighting for a long time….I petition congress for stronger Laws against bullying…I was “IGNORED”….we all know bullying can lead to suicide…Still, very little has being done…bullying still remains and growing stronger everyday spreading like a virus equal to domestic violence and child abuse…these subjects are being posted on the internet…have our congress taken the time to view these websites? I guess not? because there’s nothing being done about this…again the advocates voices are not being heard.

Lets not forget our senior citizen, our veterans…

Our senior citizens are dying, falling ill, because they can’t get the proper care, medication or have decent coverage…insurance costs are no cheap…Our veterans have fought the fight and it is time that they get what is theirs…they deserve it…its their right…what more is there to say…I have been sitting around waiting for the answers which I have but refuse to put down…because if I do…oh boy…I am so angry with congress and of it all…WAKE UP!!!! We are the people who make you strong you are up there because we put you there…you are forgetting the PEOPLE…We are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….AND WE STAND UNITED….STOP THIS NONSENSE AND STOP PLAYING WITH OUR LIVES make things better not worse…STOP THE BROKEN PROMISES…

I am Jeannette Moreno, founder of EndTheViolence, Author of “I am a Survivor” and Advocate for all Human Rights I stand for up for myself, my children and all the people that believe in making a difference in the world. 


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