“Making the World a better place by ending the violence”

14 Dec

My Friends and Family,

Please let’s take a moment to say a prayer for the children of Sandy Hood Elementary and their families…Our hearts are with you in your moment of sadness.

Bullying, domestic violence, child abuse, murder, world disasters, alien invasion, the reptilians, Illuminati and much more….

What is the world thinking or what’s happening today in society to make them snap…Correct me if I am wrong but are we still on planet Earth? or have we traveled outside somewhere far beyond? Its there a reason why chronic depression and frustration seems to be leading people to committing such horrific crimes?

Have you heard about the 12/21/12?, or about the so called little blue book? these are stories being told all around the internet by many different sources, according to some researchers even news reporters have been making announcements of such events.

Today a 20 year old has taken the lives of 26 in total, 6 adults 20 children at an Elementary school in CT…My heart goes out to the families and this entire town whose hearts are in total devastation…We are all crying with you…The shooting took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  Let us pray together and keep in mind that tragedy again strikes our nation…

Let me hear what you have to say…

~Jeannette Moreno~

My heart soars for all of you out there…Your children need to be safe not feel afraid…be careful what you share with them, what they see on social network and what you speak to them about…I for one understand how important it is for them to be educated on safety…but no one is prepare for tragedy to strike…It’s those who come without warning we need to educate about.

Please be safe….~JM~


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