Are you listening?

26 Jun

The world turns and doesn’t stop…What would happen if it did? or has it ever?

We live in a world that suffers constantly from many different types of problems…Most of this issues go unnoticed…There are many voices that cry out for help…but the problem is…they’re not being heard…. we are looking at many different issues and they seem to get larger everyday…. the hand that reaches out it’s being ignored and overlooked because of the society we are living in.

Would this world ever be what we expected to be?….This is our world and even if I say it would be alright its up to you to take the step forward and speak up…No one will ever see the side that’s reflected because you are hiding behind the walls…every now and again you need to fight for what you believe in and realized that you are not alone…

I have been writing for a long time and maybe I have yet not introduced myself properly….I am Jeannette Moreno, The Author of “I am a Survivor” an Autobiography about my life and how I survived domestic violence…

As an abused woman I learned that living in “fear” wasn’t I wanted…I needed to get away from the world I was living in and find the peace of heaven I knew it would save my life and my children before it was too late…Everyone has a different story and I know is not easy to talk about it…Sometimes we rather hear other people talk about their issues…and then we say to ourselves…Wow, I thought I had issues…and it ends there…I often ask myself what is it that I want out of life?

I’ll tell you what…I know what I want…But what I really want to know is, What do you want?…What do you need?..What are you thinking?

Feel free to SPEAK UP!!!!


The one crime that will always have a repeat and cannot be stopped unless someone SPEAK-UP is Domestic Violence, I want to help stop the abuse, the only thing is I cannot do it alone….We can make this happen, voices can be heard if we join together and spread the word as far as we can take it…. I know that we can do this….It’s easy…all you need to do is Volunteer.

My love and concern for my kids as well as the rest of the children around the world scares me tremendously everyday and as I was doing some new research about child abuse and domestic violence the other day,

This is what I found:

10 alarming facts about how domestic violence impacts kids–

Unicef-  Estimates that more than 275 million children worldwide experience VIOLENCE in their home, calling it one of the most pervasive human rights challenges of our times. If all these Children lived in one country it would be roughly the size of Western Europe.  3.3 Million Children experience domestic violence each year in the U.S.

These Children grow up- 40 million adults are living with the devastating falsehoods that become the foundation of their childhood memories. The foundations of their lives, 63% of all boys tho commit murder KILL the man who was ABUSING their mother.

Alarming isn’t it?  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about these facts but it’s as real as it gets…

The single biggest predator of girls becoming victims of domestic violence later in life whether or not they grow up in a home where is domestic violence. Children in homes where domestic occurs are physically abused or seriously neglected, 1500% higher than the national average.  Their memories are so severe they meet the clinical criteria for Post traumatic Stress Disorder.  “Many children would rather themselves be hit than allow their mothers be beaten”.

“It’s easier to bear the physical pain than the emotional hurt and feelings of helplessness”

I want you all to understand how important it’s to me to get the word out there…Abuse is a big issue and it goes unnoticed…Yes, it get’s a day or two when something bad happens…but then is out of the radar…it never get’s talked about or even acknowledged.  Why should there always have to be a tragedy before someone pays attention to what’s happening right next door? It doesn’t mean you have to be nosy but you should be AWARE!!!

Did you know that Children who are exposed to domestic violence are also 5 to 7 times more likely to experience significant psychological problems?

Exposure to chronic abuse and violence is linked to poorer language skills impairment of visual-motor integration skills, problems with attention and memory.

90% of prisoners experienced violence as a child.  In the year of 2010 more money was raised to protect the native birds of the UNITED STATES , than was raised  to protect these children.  It’s a shame…because knowing how important our children are to us and to our COUNTRY AS I HEAR…THEY SHOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF…

My heart cries just to know that very little is being done to help PROTECT and SAVE our CHILDREN….help us bring domestic violence and child abuse to an end…My question still the same….How many women/children/men have to die before our voices are heard?


My name is Jeannette Moreno, I am a survivor of domestic violence and I have a voice….I want to hear yours…

Together we can save on life at the time…get involved…We can make it happen.

Don’t forget to leave your comment….Thank you for reading



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