“Be a Leader not a Follower”

7 Jun

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all doing great!

Today I talk about the people our youth look up to…are they “an example”, what kind of example we can be to others?…Being tempted is easy but we can fight it and teach our children how to walk away from certain situations…being honest is a plus all the time…companies wasting perfectly good food…we all have rights…and some other stuff.

When someone tells a young adult to “Be a Leader, not a Follower”, without explaining… What do they actually mean?…

Our children these days listen to all sorts of music…Some of the stuff they hear…I am not so thrilled about…It’s actually scary…I still listen to great music,  like my….Salsa, Soul, R&B, Regaetton, Jazz, and last but not least FREESTYLE… I have a whole list of great Artists whom I listen to every day…They are awesome.

I still listen to their music and can enjoy the sounds but compare to the one’s I hear these days…Shame on what our children are learning from some of this new artists…but, they are basically allowed to sing whatever they please and we cannot control what our kids hear all the time…at home “Yes we can” but not outside our home… out there we have no control….unless our children are obedient which, not many of them are, let’s be honest now….we all know that temptation is most of the time one step ahead of us.

I am a mother…but, I was a teenager once and I know about the parent’s rules and regulations as I’m sure you do too….I had my own personal experiences…

What to wear and what not to wear, the changing at school, hoping no one saw me and told on me…no make-up until your 16,  and then try it on at 12 putting on eyeliner and lipstick when I got to the school… and one day I got busted, my mom, show’s up at my school unexpected and got me really good for that one…never did it again…until today those who know me can tell you I’m no fan of make-up, specially eyeliner….no shaving your legs until after your 14th birthday, I ended up cutting myself so deep I bled every time I moved my leg in a certain way for about 2 days and my aunt kept smacking me on my head every-time she saw the cut… I still have the scar…I tell my children I rather know what they do…than not to know….because sooner or later I will…I got eyes in the back of my head…I see everything!!!  BE HONEST with your kids and they’ll BE HONEST with you….I hope for my sake…

If I could send a message to these artist’s the only thing I could say is….”Be an example.” these children are our FUTURE..I still stand by that…

When I I talk to my kids I tell them like it is, and I for one know that we are not perfect…no human is…but I can always give the best advise I can and I will, because I love them…And I know you do the same with your kids…

Don’t let anybody put you down….It happened to me once before and it didn’t feel good it hurt a whole lot…

How you present yourself to the world is how they will view you…and when you speak choose your words correctly…not only that…but, also understand the trouble with words, because once they are spoken their affect could be either a good one or a bad one…you never know….the things you say, you can’t never take back, once you say them that’s it…Sometimes you can say you’re sorry, you may even lose someone’s trust and trying to regain the trust back from the one you hurt….may be a bit difficult…and depending on who the person is,  maybe you have a chance into work things out.

In life everything is about choices… you can refuse to eat something if you don’t like it…do not allow anyone to force you into eating it, because it’s your choice not theirs…If you encounter a problem where you have to choose between, the easy way out or the LAW’s way out… always choose the LAW’s way… no matter how ugly the situation may be, I got your back…be always HONEST!!!DO NOT LIE!! the TRUTH will always be the one to set you FREE…

Do not be tempted by anything or anyone… believe me temptation is part of this life and it has been around since the beginning of time… people nowadays don’t care about wrong or right…if they did there would be less crime and less theft and so on…But my children, If you ever find yourself in that situation where you are somehow tempted….JUST CALL ME…I AM ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY!!!OR TEXT ME…TECHNOLOGY IS GREAT THESE DAYS.


You see the problem with today’s issues are many….most of them don’t even raise an eyebrow, but they should…some people forget how much poverty and hunger is going on out there… yet, on my daily visits to the market see how many pallets of fruit and vegetables get thrown away rather than send them out to shelters or places to feed the families in need…Let’s not talk about loss prevention in some of these places… I have seen things you can’t even imagine…I wish I walked around with a video camera or even a tape recorder…But I cannot do that…Yet my voice cannot be heard, I could bring it to the attention of the store manager and they just look at me as if ….what’s a few dollars…I wonder how the Company owner feels about that? Yet I’m sure that person who supposed to be “an example” is making a nice “bonus”.

To “be a leader” is not change you behaviors or who you are because someone tells you to…or to please everyone around you and try to be perfect…it’s not that at all…It’s to be an advocate for the people, and help around the community or the causes around the world or…to do something good for someone else without expecting anything in return…because you know that in the end your reward would be a great one…because you accomplished something kind for someone other than yourself.

When people tell you that you are a “Follower” tell them, I am sorry, but I have to disagree,  because I am “A Leader not a Follower” and walk away with your head up high.

An example of a “Leader”

“A Leader” is the one that’s acceptable of the FACTS…and understands that we have RIGHT’S…the one who obey’s and understands The Constitution of The United States of America and follows the Amendments without breaking the rules…and that means all the rules…a leader don’t overlook their country if it’s crying and in need of help, they make sure they stand by it with honor and pride….just like the captain would chose to go down with his ship.

Our Country is an Amazing Country, and we’ve had many wonderful leaders…

I am proud of my Country….And I am proud of our children even with their faults….We are one country with many voices….we have many leaders and one Constitution…many rules have been forgotten…and many have forgotten how to lead…and what’s important some issues remain unseeing.

Ps 19:14  The Poet wrote…”A careless word may be kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life. A gracious word may soothe the way, a joyous word may light the day. A timely word may lessen stress, a loving word may heal and bless.”


~Jeannette Moreno~

Feel free to leave your comments and hope you can help spread the word against domestic violence,child abuse, among other things.


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