I stand Alone

1 Jun

Hello Everyone!!!

I have been away for a few days and believe me it has been hard for me not being able to sit in front of my computer and write my thoughts or even expressing my feelings out here with all of you… I was going to share my Memorial Day weekend with you all…But I do a lot of reading and enjoy all of it because you guys share all that with me…I can not thank you enough…I wish I can get away from my world for one day and join yours sometime, you’ll be surprise where the mind can sometimes take you…but in all reality each one of us has it’s own life to live and their own shoes to fill.

I take the burden of many people into my own hands and try as much as I can to help with their problems…I cannot fixed them all at once…But..I give it all I got and every single energy it takes sometimes leaving me with so much pain inside to drive me mad at the way society handles several issues only bringing mayhem and yet nothing seams to be fixed…leaving these people crying in silence and nowhere to turn.

We as the people work hard, pay taxes and most of us still struggle every day of our lives to survive in this world that we live in, just to stay on our own two feet hoping to make a better life for our children and put a decent meal on the table…at the end of the day we are exhausted and some of us penniless, wondering where the heck our money goes… In some cases sometimes you collect your check and before you know it banishes like air…It seams that the more we work the higher the taxes go, the higher the bills get, heck the higher the food prices go these days…even the milk and eggs are high in prices now a days.

No matter what we do, we just work, work, work…until we drop dead one day… and what happens then…where does all that hard earn money goes…in some cases its not even enough to pay for your funeral…and if you didn’t save ahead of time for that don’t count on social security to cover you because by the time you are done paying the funeral home you have nothing left… No offence to any agencies… because even that it’s high…and the money is not enough..even the piece of land you will one day rest in, cost a high price…never mind being cremated…even though is a cheap way to go…Most people don’t want to burn… but their children or family members figure what the heck, they are already dead let’s just burn them…I have seen it happen and that’s a shame, no respect for the dead…

I sure as heck didn’t want to burn but at the rate things are going these days, I guess!!!Oh boy not a nice subject I can even write that….goose bumps..No way….No resting for me yet…too much work…Back to the topic…

I am not complaining about our society in general….But just the way things are being handled….WE ARE THE PEOPLE, we are the one’s who’s voice’s needs to be heard… We are crying, We are suffering in silence…Not only the victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse but All of Your Children (WORLD)…One way or Another…without our VOTE there would be no ELECTIONS….DON’T CONTINUE TO IGNORE OUR VOICES…DON’T THEY MATTER?

Every time I turn a corner I see a Bank being build…Why is that? OK.. Maybe someone with enough money decides they want to continue building more BANKS, MALLS, BARS, RESTAURANTS….to name a few things, rather than a Library, a Recreational Center, Day Care, Youth Club…Instead I see less of that…Let me tell you what I have also seen in the past few days…

I have seen children who have committed suicide because of the bullying in their schools…. and have that stopped? NO! The saddest part is that I came across some videos being posted of violence just for fun…how can this go on…THE WRONG MESSAGE IS BEING DELIVERED HERE…Do you know who see’s these videos….THE KIDS…then they try it on the other kids as the real thing….That’s where it begins.

In 2011, My Son’s Email carrier delivered a video to me for my approval before he viewed it, reason being…it’s content…

The video was send to my Son by one of his school class mates who was bullying him and I was completely unaware of it, because my Son didn’t want to worry me so he felt it wasn’t necessary to tell me about it…On this said video a girl was being beaten during school hrs in the girls bathroom…they called this “game” the 30 second Game” …I was in shock and couldn’t believe my eyes turning it off immediately, I wanted to make sure this was not a joke so I looked it up on line and saw nothing…But a few hours later….sure enough I saw the report on the network…I did research to find out it was not just this one case but 52 more cases like it across the states.

The classmate’s message to my son was the Snitches get Stitches that’s another thing they got going on around…another thing they learn by watching this videos… I made sure the situation ended FAST…THE BULLYING STOPPED….NO HELP FROM THE SCHOOL..but my son has not worried about those bullies….they move on and new ones come in…The Bullied becomes the bully in most cases after they move on to other schools…Believe me.  It’s a hard life out there, and my son has to deal with bullies every day but knows how to handle the situation without fear.

Still the matter goes without solving and keeps on growing…more mothers crying the lost of their children because of their bullies…the question still stand….What was being done about it to get that far? We need to spread the word don’t be afraid to speak up….Teachers please pay attention to the kids in the schools…I understand that you are there to educate not to babysit our children…(a teacher actually told me that) If you notice something is out of the ordinary a courtesy call would be nice…By the way don’t be to quick to judge the parents(That’s a whole different topic I will be discussing this weekend)

Most of the reasons for School closures in several states…

(which I will not name, but you are welcome to search and back it up)

…have been because of poor performance…well that is the most common reason given for choosing to close a school.  Some schools for example:

High Schools are chosen for closure because of low graduation rates, low student scores on standardized tests, and so much more…Yet…People wonder why there are so many of our youth out there applying for welfare and hanging out in the streets…Why? because they have no where else to go….STOP BUILDING MORE BANKS, AND UNNECESSARY PARKING LOTS…THE KIDS NEED A PLACE TO LEARN…

I asked someone earlier today during a telephone conversation….Should someone be covered in red before you notice them?

Person on phone:  I do not understand your question.

Me: In order for you to help someone do they need to stand in front of you covered in blood?

Person: Of course not..how dare you to imply such thing…You out of all people…

Me: I am tired of hearing that Children are taking their life’s because they can’t no longer take their peers abuse or even the way they are treated by society it self…I am also tired of hearing that mothers who are abused cannot get around with their small children because they have no transportation and services are being denied because there are no funds to offer.

Some of these women are victims of domestic violence who need to get around and have no babysitter they have no choice but to travel around all day, rain or shine with their kids no matter what….

Person: They shouldn’t be treated any different.

Me: Shame on you…(click)

Why? It is not what I can do…It’s what your voices can do….It’s what your communities can do…Your children are important….I cried when I saw that young boy sitting on that side walk where the vigil candles were lit in the name of his best friend who took his life because of a BULLY….Bullying exist in many forms….and its so sad when children are affected by this…Please Help our children….Stop the Abuse….Enough is Enough..Hear their voices…WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THIS WORLD!!!THIS IS REAL!!!

Maybe I have taking it a little bit too far today…But I always speak my mind…This is who I am…I cannot stand Abuse and more than anything I cannot see a child suffer…or a mother cry….

I stand alone…I am not afraid anymore…Just a few months back I stood up to my bully here on this very site…And you know what I will continue to fight for what I believe in….EndTheViolence once and for all…



~Jeannette Moreno~


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