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22 May

Hello Everyone!! Hope your day is a good one!!

Today is Tuesday…Yes, it sure is and the week has just started…We share so much these days through this amazing networking world we have grown to love…simple and sweet…We share our photographs and articles, posts, even our most embarrassing moments or funny ones…I love looking at the videos and sharing your adventures more than anything in the world learning all the cultures and taking notes about the amazing places I hope to one day visit..the exotic foods…OH..lets not forget the home baked foods I look at those pages too…Some of you are amazing when it comes to baking…I wish I can make all those great things, I mean I can cook and bake but I cannot in a million years make those great things from scratch like you do…I can make an amazing Cheese Cake, Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie, but that’s about it..         Here are some pics of the pies…

Now when it come’s to roasting I can make a good “Pernil” that’s a Pork Roast shoulder, the last time I made it was in February…that’s like our #1 dish during the holidays and special occasions outside of all the other amazing foods… Like the yellow rice….I love my Pasta too….there are great cooks out there and in my family the men are great cooks…No offense ladies…I love you all but I have to give the men some credit…They sure can cook.

I enjoy all those great things….But what I don’t enjoy is the videos that are lately being posted about people beating each other up…Let me explain….

Today I was browsing around my computer and as I was sending the usual messages…I came across someone’s post…this particular person posted a video of her younger sibling beating someone…she was proud of this video…Now I don’t know the reason for the fight between the girls but this is not in my eyes something I enjoy  watching or get a kick of clicking the “like” button…I wont give such video the satisfaction to even look at it…and I for one don’t condone violence of any kind…

I noticed that was not the only video being posted around, there were other’s in different sites and people are just posting them as if they are just fun to watch…I also realized that people pretty much have the right to do whatever they want… but I have the right to my opinion too…I don’t have to “like” your post and I am sorry…But I refuse to accept your requests to liking it…I mean you no harm by this…Let’s just END THE VIOLENCE NOT MAKE IT LOOK AS IF IS OK TO LET IT GO ON…IT’S BAD ENOUGH IT GOES UNNOTICED IN SOME PLACES.

We want to teach our children that abuse is not the the way to success but the door to something worse…No respect for human kind or anything around them…That is one thing I will not stand for…I still fight against these type of behaviors everyday and see this type of conduct in teenagers on a daily basis…they don’t learn this in their school…figure out where do they see, hear or learn these things….I shouldn’t be the one to point it out..

It’s wonderful to see great things on line…but it’s disturbing to see these horrible acts of abuse…and it’s even worse when you have to see it happening in front of you…If I was to post a video of a woman I saw today at the parking lot by the Doctor’s office holding her infant child in a protecting shield position while her (assuming)boyfriend was punching her around…the world would judge me…Instead as the human I am and of course natural instinct fact being I have walked in her shoes…I went to rescue her…she instead replied…please walk away….while he said mind your business followed by a nasty curse…I stood my ground and said…she is my business and so is the child she protects in her arms…He said really you want some of this…I said do you want some of what I have for you…I kept him talking a bit longer while I hit the speed dial button and I called for help…In matter of 5 minutes help was there…

What happened after she was rescued I have no idea but…I am glad she got help and hopefully they will give her everything she need’s and I hope she understand that it’s not necessary to take any abuse from anyone at all…


Please READ  “I GOT FLOWERS TODAY” BY: Paulette Kelly

I stand alone, and I will do it again a thousand times for any person in need…I will not stand for any of it…Abuse that is….

Shake and Bake in the other hand anytime you want to share your baking secrets I am open for suggestions…Reading your blogs absolutely you know it, I love poetry, music, reading about God makes me happy too…movies of all sorts, and sports…I love an adventure just as much as the next person….and I love nature….

I want to share something with you all….I found this page in the parking lot while waiting for my ride to go home…someone dropped it they most of ripped it off some book….

It reads…”This is the day the Lord has made”


God determines the number of your days, but you determine how they are spent. The Psalmist said, “this is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is all you’ve got. And you can begin life over today, if you love by these words: “today I will delete from my diary two days-yesterday and tomorrow.  Yesterday was for learning; tomorrow will be a consequence of what I do today. Today I  will face life with the conviction that this day will never return, that it may be the last opportunity contribute because there’s no guarantee I’ll see tomorrow. Today I will be courageous enough not to  let the opportunity pass me by; my only alternative will be to succeed. Today I will invest my most valuable resource, my time, into my most important possession, the life God has given me. I’ll spend each minute purposefully, making today a unique opportunity. I’ll tackle each obstacle knowing that with God’s help I can overcome it. Today I will resist doubt and pessimism and warm my world with a smile. I’ll maintain a strong faith, expect nothing but the best, take time to be happy, see every task as an opportunity to honor the Lord, and endeavor to leave His footprints on the hearts of those I meet.

John Boykin wrote, “Time is your life–nothing more, nothing less. The way you spend your hours and your days, is the way you spend your life”. So pray “Lord, help me to maximize this day.”

After reading this I felt so good inside and I hope you do too…I am not sure where it came from but I hope it serve’s it’s purpose….The message is appreciated by me….

You are all welcome to comment….I hope you had a wonderful day today, enjoy your evening and sweet dreams…


~Jeannette Moreno~


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