You are special

20 May

Hello Everyone…I hope your weekend is great and a very relaxing one.

Happy readings, posting and sharing with the World!!

Are you special?

~We know you take care of everyone and everything we do around our home or work is a pretty “Super job”…”You are special” for holding it together, so please give yourself credit…Cheers to you…

~We also know that we can only do up to so much before we burned out…(like my air-conditioner is at this time).

I was at the hospital as I mention yesterday…and I was trying to work on a Post, the title is “A Mother’s Love” it was posted in accident(by me)unfinished…Sorry about that…I will like to say; Thank you to those who have read it and clicked “Like”, I really appreciated.

Today I am going to finish delivering my message, but I have chosen the title “You are special”…I hope you enjoy your reading and by the way…some people were asking me if my son was home…well..

My Son is Finally Home…Thank God for his blessings & answering my prayers.. You are Awesome God!! I love you!!…

When I believed that I had finally come to the end of the struggles in my life, I start the juggling with other sort of issues and so I decided to take a stand…Do you want to know why?

~Because I believe I am special.

In the past 2 months I have been trying everything possible to get my son’s faith back..He had somehow lost his way…He is only 13 years old…I’ve survived domestic violence and my children experience the events…Last year alone I battled death 3 times almost dying on my children during several surgeries…God saved me…I have seen his miracles and what he is capable of…my children have too…but somewhere between the beginning of this year someone has managed to turn my son against the believes of the God’s will and what he stands for…Turning his faith into nothing…As I prayed in silence and hoped for my son to recover…I was judged, and misunderstood…I was even treated like if my son being there was my fault…

I have to deal with my daughter living in a different state now…miles away from home…struggles going in all directions for her and she just enter the reality world…She just turned 21…I miss her and worry about her every second of the hour, because that’s what a mother does…It’s a mother’s love, your family always comes first…

I took a deep breath and said to myself…relax, sit back, let them talk and accept what they say…take their lemons and enjoy the juice…Time is just turning in circles it doesn’t move from side to side or up and down…

Guess what! the world also turns in circles…

As a single parent life could be stressful…but I manage to take day by day with the Glory of God and the strengths left in me to fight everyday for all I believe…Never to give up…even when family can’t help you with their ears…I like to be direct and I am not going to soften the impact of my assertive words…however I am not going to dilute my message I am going to say it straight out…I have every right to speak up, pursue any opportunity that presents itself to me, as I hope you do too…and I will start setting boundaries….I have no reason why to explain my feelings to anyone, or explain why I want something, I am going to stay focus on what I need, what I want and most importantly what I think…You should too..

As I watched my son laying in that hospital bed, I could tell he was wondering whether or not he would go home soon…if he would say a prayer and it will be answered…He was still complaining about me taking away all of his video games systems(believe me he is not going to let that one go anytime soon)but his education and social life is more important than losing himself in those video games for long periods of time…after all he is lucky I didn’t dumped them in the garbage on pick up day, which is what I originally intended to do…I know he was desperate to go home, and I wanted him to get better and of course home as well.

I as a mother and a professional have so many things to deal with at once, but I happen to do pretty damn well… some stress in the middle, yes of course…but who don’t have stress, let’s be honest now…I am sure you do too.

I will like you to take a moment for yourself and sit back…Take a deep breath walk into the sunlight or moonlight whichever you prefer, take a break and let go of all the stress for just one hour…Listen to me…there’s no job we cannot do, and motherhood is not always sugar and spice or peaches and cream…some mom’s out there wouldn’t have it any other way, You are special thumbs up to you…

I have been told by someone who probably has no children and no idea what is like to be a mom(no offense if you are reading this)that…The Ideal Mom, belongs to an Ideal World…Now, my friends as far as I am concerned there is only one world and it’s pretty darn ideal to me.

I guess what she meant was that in the real world a mother needs to have a satisfying career with enough hours in the day and of course energy to spend time with their children…specially if they are just babies, now we all know babies need more attention than teenagers…there is no question about that…but our youth cannot be forgotten either….

I may have minor issues, so what! I am not the first nor will be the last working mom who has…and even if my job is at home…I still have other duties and responsibilities… I make sure that at the end of the day all work is done…there are times when I don’t go to sleep until 1am…Who said a parent’s job is ever done…

We as parents with young children still have to help out with homework, attend P/T conferences, and so much more…In this world full of competitive culture, there’s definitely greater stress in every level…the more that’s expected of us the more we demand from ourselves to be the best mother, wife, girlfriend and loving friend…we try everything possible to be superheros even without trying…sometimes we just don’t see it and other times we don’t get the token of appreciation we want or deserve.

Sometimes feeling the weight down on our shoulders can effect our professional and personal life and it’s no longer fun for anybody or healthy, stress can sure take a person down if you let it….So Don’t…

We need to put ourselves every now and then to the top of the list and take care of ourselves first to be able to carry on  a good job all around…I know for experience that making others happy feels good, because that’s what I always do, making everyone else around me happy… We are no immortals, we need to take time to relax and breathe… do not ignore your own needs because when you do that’s when the world becomes raw…

Treat yourself to the Spa, take a load off, find the time to relax with the hubby watch a movie…If you enjoy the fitness life then go to the Gym and work those muscles off, let all the stress out on the treadmill, or whatever other source of machine you like…(I don’t do Gym’s, I should, maybe shed some pounds)…by the way let’s not forget catching up with your friends..remember them..they can feel neglected sometimes too.

Honestly do you want to hear the reality of all this…

You are exhausted, your time is crunched, short, and sometimes you are so frustrated that you want to blow up! sometimes it feels like relaxing is such a hard effort and you choose to give up maybe not even try..Don’t give up….Do it…You are not alone and you are special…

In today’s World there are hundreds of woman going through the same issues…and if I asked you to write your problems and put them in a bag…That bag would be passed around and everyone else is picking a paper from that bag….they are taking other peoples problems and as they read them…they want to take their own problems back…everyone’s issues are more severe than others….

Look, there is no Job to big or to small that we cannot complete….That’s why we are Special…So take some time aside this coming weekend make a date for yourself and speak up, stop ignoring your needs and take charge…always respect yourself and respect those around you…love yourself first and understand that if you don’t take care of you no one will…

Remember to savor the good times and set aside the stress, exercise your options remember that family time is important and you need to be relaxed to be able to enjoy them….catch your breath and realize that you have the world at your hands all the time and all year round…One time you set aside to enjoy yourself it’s not so bad…

I hope you have a good one…Remember, “You are special”

I welcome your comments….Happy reading to you all and enjoy the rest of the weekend…Until next time..

~Jeannette Moreno





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