A Mother’s Love

18 May

I had an opportunity to be around a great deal of mother’s…One thing I know for sure is that no mother should outlive their children and no child should leave their parents too soon, in this world we have no control of what life has install for us…we either take the good with the bad and make the best of it…and when life throw lemons at us we can make some delicious lemonade, or just be sour about it…I choose to move on.

We live in a world where everything we do is somehow judged by everyone around us, all they need is a gable and reside the words court is in session…I for starters~I’m starting to become a little frustrated with being judged, it is like having a fortune cookie in front of you and opening it up…you read it and realized…hey this fortune is like…making sense…if you believe in signs and all that other sort of stuff , I mean you are allowed to believe in something, it’s just the judging part that becomes a bit too overwhelming. 

I have been away from posting my blogs for a few weeks…I’ve been giving myself time to think…what I have realized is that the worst part of all this is staying away from something I love to do which is writing…even if doesn’t make any sense at all…I love to speak my mind and share my thoughts with you and having the opportunity to read all of your stories one by one…I enjoy my work but I love my family the most…

My Son was admitted to Pediatrics ICU last week, he has not been a happy camper…I mean who is, having to be in a hospital for a week and no privacy at all…Nurses at your corner 24hrs poking you with needles and the annoying sounds of the vital machines…God, those machines are really a pain in the rear…he hates the fact of not been able to move from his bed or be in the comfort of his own home and that can be aggravating for a 13 year old boy…I have never left his side since the day he was born.

During our stay at the hospital I’ve had my typical visits with the normal Doctors and of course let’s not forget the lovely Social Workers…Nothing wrong with a visit from my friends…but is there a reason why they are coming to see me? ….

Feel free to ask your questions and leave your comments…Let’s talk about your experiences and how you cope with them…

I am open for a good conversation…It’s not always comfortable when people jump to conclusions and make assumptions that are not real…they make reality seam so unreal…so sad…so scary…Never judge a book by it’s cover, the story may be the best ever written…


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