You are missed!

3 May

You are gone but not forgotten:

We are missing you… and I assure you there are many memories we hold dear, some make us laugh and some make us cry.  It’s part of life…the small details that did not seem to be important then~for some reason those are the ones that are going through my mind over and over like a roller-coaster…there are moments when I can smell the scent of your perfume or the soap you used, it get stronger at times and it feels like your are standing beside me.

I wish I could turn back the clock and have you here with me one more day…just for one hour…I want so badly to see you and everyone else I’ve lost throughout the years… to hold you in my arms and whisper in your ear how much I love you and miss you…It’s so sad knowing I can’t make that happen…it feels like it was just yesterday when I saw your pretty face smiling at me… sometimes I wish I could hear your voice again…Why is it so hard to say goodbye when it comes to these things?…

I knows is too late to say all the things I wanted to tell you…Maybe too late to express my love…Perhaps too late to show you my accomplishments…or maybe too late to say I’m sorry for being so distant…I understand God called out your name and you needed to depart from this Earth to a new home…It’s OK, I understand now…But I still hurt, specially around the holidays…Mostly during Mother’s day… But this was God’s will….I never knew it was going to hurt so badly that this pain was going to take me down this deep…

I know you don’t want to see us sad and probably don’t want us to cry for you anymore…after all you are in a better place…Where we will one day meet again…I miss you and don’t ever forget it!! From dust we came and to dust we will all return…we will  meet again in a better place I know that now… I stopped calling your phone number because it’s finally disconnected…I will not cry because I know that peace and love exist where you are…. there is no worries and no pain…Sometimes I just want to hide because all the beautiful people I knew are gone from me and the world could be so cruel…But I know that you are looking down upon all of us and God’s angels are guarding the love ones you left behind….Life is too short to try and turn back time….one day it will be my turn…I came with nothing into this world and I will leave with many…. My memories and the love in my heart…

Until we meet again…

Happy Mother’s day to all of those who are not here with us…But are still watching over us…We love you and your memory will live forever in our hearts.




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