My Family is my gift from God

25 Apr


Good Morning everyone!!  My fellow writers and readers,

Today I have set aside something a little different, Please do not be confuse as you read, because this is a response to a comment from one of my post.

–Hey, How are you?  I read your comment and I just wanted to reply..

I remember you too, I listen to Menudo just a couple of months back, we shared the links on the network remember, they are still on my timeline.

I remember making up a story about them staying at the doctors house on top of the hill, to get one of our cousins heart pumping because she was infatuated with this group, she would cry and catch tantrums over them, you and I made up those stories together.  What young kid don’t do that?

I remember playing with my dear cousin Wendy every day and having so much fun with her~I would never say anything to hurt her because she is one of the most lovely memories of my childhood.  We were the best of friends, I am sorry that now after all these years, I learn that her life story was also similar to mine~I wish I was there to help you through it, but I have stand up for you even when you weren’t around.  I will never forget our times together and I have always stand my ground.

Grandmother had to discipline all of us ~ after all the family was a very large one, and it’s still growing.  We have an amazing family and the last name we carry it’s a respectable name.  There were 14 brothers and sisters altogether, 5 boys and 9 girls if that’s who my cousin is referring to~ and Yes, my grandma loved to chew on tobacco while she rocked on her rocking chair listening to her baseball game, she loved her sports.

She did disciplined me and fought with me from time to time because to my grandma education was very important~ she wanted all of us to have a great future.  Thanks to her and my aunts ~I am who I am today~To them I will always be grateful.  Grandma always said “Jeannette, respect your elders, and be kind to everyone”. My cousin is right about that, she was always teaching us respect.  My cousin states that I had a strong character when I was young, and that I sometimes disrespected my grandmother~ I never dared to disrespect my grandmother, I knew better, my grandmother had a best friend called “the bamboo stick” that sucker hurt.. I wouldn’t even dare to talk back..

My grandmother did get sick, when I was around 10 it was right after my communion, she was developing bad diabetes, and was not so well~ she couldn’t hardly take care of me anymore, and I had no where to go, that land was the only home I had since age 3.  Grandma died when I was 11 1/2 it summer, I will never forget.. I had never have anyone die on me before~ she was the first..

I am replying to your comment because I do remember you with love and respect,  I never questioned your love, you were like a sister to me, you never hurt me~that’s why I asked, Why me?  Now I ask Why you? What happened to you? why do you hurt so much?

–You are not alone~ This is not the way things should be, we come from a family that grew up fighting to stay together and somewhere, somehow some of them got lost.  We are a strong family all of us, we have never back-down from anything and I have never seen any of my family members fear anyone.  We can fight against abuse together, helping others stay alive, we don’t need to hurt each other, we never did as children why do it as adults?

–I had lost my family because of my perpetrator, I found them through a public network after my save haven was established, once I decided to stand up and walk away from my abusive life.  I am blessed today with an amazing family, My mothers family, my fathers family, and even my perpetrators family to whom I will always be thankful for standing up for me when I was in trouble.  Thank you for saving me, for everything you have done for me and the children and never leaving our side.  My little sister, thanks for the shelter you provided for me and my son, we enjoyed the moments we spend with you up in “the Rockaways”,  My beautiful cousin from Staten Island, Thank you for giving me the Hot line number, I called it! you Rock!!  I Love each and everyone of you.  Even with your faults…LOL

— I has been a long road for me and I am sure I has been for a whole lot of people out there~ My message to you is this “Let’s learn from what life throws at us, Let’s strive to make a better future, today is our present from God and tomorrow will see what life has installed for us, only time will tell~ but for now let’s enjoy what we have and be happy”.  God Bless you.


Jeannette Moreno


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