Stop the Abuse!

24 Apr

I will fight and defend all humanity till the end!

Hello my fellow bloggers and writers across the world! 

I have to say it’s not easy being open to battle against abuse across the Nation, but I am still standing my ground~However, I find myself battling against a different type of abuse altogether~ Verbal and Mental abuse.  Telling the truth about my life has been my choice–a choice I made to help stop domestic violence and child abuse and eliminate the stress every human kind faces on an everyday basis. 

I strongly believe in the message of deliverance~ to deliver hope and faith that there is help for everyone, the same way there was hope for me and my kids~ No one deserves to be abused– for me being able to to help others by the grace of God give’s me strength and it’s not considered a sin.  I only ask for you (my bully) to understand that you are not the one I talk about in my story~ but the one I played with as a child was you, the only friend I had…The bizarre thing about all this is that you are the one who dares to talk about me and my mother in such degrading ways. (shaking my head in disbelieve). I cannot believe it’s you. 

I cannot imagine why would anyone want to hurt another human being knowing how much pain and suffering this person has gone through~imagine being me, for one second…or the mother/sister/brother/sibling, who’s lost their family member to abuse~ It’s the worst feeling in the world.

I have come a long way to be hurt again, even though you are trying to hurt me in a total different way–the cycle is just repeating itself–and while it’s turning nothing but damage is being done.

I have one purpose in life~To help bring abuse to an end, so please stop trying to take this personal when it has absolutely nothing to do with you. I will not stop voicing my opinion and uniting with the world as we are trying to bring violence to an end~for their children, your children and mine. Instead of tossing stones at me~look back and see the pain you are causing with your lies–what purpose does it serves?

Every breathing life in this earth deserves a chance to “SPEAK UP” for themselves, why have you made it your main interest to stop me from spreading the word against “ABUSE” by utilizing “MENTAL ABUSE” and “VERBAL ABUSE” against me–

Do you know how hard it is for a child to hear the yelling sounds of two individuals they call parents fighting and the sounds of objects breaking?  Have you ever held a child in your arms while trying to keep them calm from crying and you can feel their heart beating faster than yours–It’s called–“Fear”. 

Everyday in homes across the world someone is getting abused~ a child is being hurt by someone they love or trust, a woman/man is being beaten by their partner. There is so much anger in the hearts of some individuals out there~but I can tell you this– I am not backing down! I am tired of being bullied. I will not allow you to use verbal abuse against me and continue affecting me mentally and I will fight back for my rights and the rights of all humanity. 

I stand alone, with the mercy of God and I will stand strong~I have made a change that will satisfy your soul, not because I fear, but because I believe there is a good person hiding inside that bully and while others put you down I was the one standing up for you.

 I don’t and won’t be afraid to be myself~ to continue a life of survival and educating people around the world about the facts and myths of abuse~everything is possible when someone takes the time to listen and show they care. Someone did it for me, I’m going to pay it forward, respect that!

All I ask is for you to Stop Bullying Me!! 


Jeannette Moreno



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