Let’s talk! Please Stop Bullying me!!

17 Apr

Here we are in front of the world…You and me…Just like we were back in the days…Why are you still bullying me? Why are you still hurting me? And Why are insulting my mother in the public eye? 

I am not that little girl you pushed around and made feel inferior, who you laughed at everyday and throw stones every time I passed by you~ You can’t hurt anymore, You can call me all the names you want and try to push me down, but I will continue to get up and fight, because that’s what life thought me while I was down~ To get up and fight against bully’s like you. 

Please, Stop trashing my mother’s name she was not what you say she was~ you are not a nice person~ I cannot begin to imagine why you would hurt me like this. I have been through a lot and if you know me, then you should not lie you should be ashamed of yourself for being so cruel and mean. 

I have nothing else to say…I have contacted the authorities I hope you are ready to back up your story.


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