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1 Apr

Hello my friends:

Today I’m changing my usual topic, I will like to talk about a Rehabilitation Clinic named “Cora”.

I recently was referred to a Health Services by my neurologist when I started to suffer from major migraines that just wouldn’t go away. No matter what the doctor prescribed it was not enough and the pain got worse to the point where I began to lose my balance.

My neurologist felt I should return to therapy and maybe they can help me release some tension, I told him that we have been through this already numerous of times and I still have the headaches, but I figure what the heck, lets try it one more time.

When I walked into their facilities, I thought to myself ~here I go again, the reason I said this is because;

I have been through 4different health center’s hoping to be able to work on some parts of my body muscles and recover from my pain and aches. None from which were successful, except for Cora Health Services on State Rd 7 in Plantation, Florida.

From the moment I walked into their facilities, I felt the warm welcome in the air, I was greeted with the respect a person should be treated~not to mention the entire place was clean & neatly organized~the professionalism was the most impressive of all. I knew this time around my problems would be solved. 

My therapist knew what needed to be worked on and how to release the tension from my head and shoulder without making me stress any other muscle while at the same time releasing the tension everywhere else, including my mind. ~I must say, I walked in that place a total mess.

As I worked on my exercises and listened to the radio station ~yes the radio, great music by the way ~ I looked around the entire facility and observed all the other patients having fun while they worked hard on recovering from their injuries. Everyone there had a different reason for their therapy, I for one, I looked forward to going to my appointment for the 1 hour or maybe less, just to be in such adequate, peaceful, welcoming environment.

~I have not felt so great in a long time, and let me tell you I am glad, I went there. I am no longer suffering from migraines and the muscle pains are finally gone, I could look up at the sky and see the stars and not feel any pain.

~like they say-“It’s all about motivation”. I was motivated to heal and had the perfect place and the right people to help me thought it.

I want to thank the entire staff at Cora Health Services for allowing me to experience what is like to have fun while recovering,  as well as being in an environment where everyone’s healing process in the end the results are a “victory”.  It may not be easy having to carry on this task every single day, but you sure do bring a person back to life.

Thank you all for the experience, and continue doing what you love, helping people recuperate from their injuries and reaching their goals to a healthy recovery.  


Jeannette Moreno


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